Can we answer any of your nonprofit video and photography questions?

  • What is your production process?

    • 1. Script Concept Development
      2. Design Development
      3. Storyboarding
      4. Voice-Over
      5. Production
      6. Hosting & Analytics

  • How can you measure the success of an online video?

    • From a statistical viewpoint, you can look at the number of views, engagement percentile, number of submissions, etc.

  • What can clients expect from a professional video agency?

    • The benefit of involving a professional video company is that the entire production process from beginning to end is handled by industry professionals who have in-depth experience across all facets of video production; from the communication strategy to the different design elements that have been proven to be most engaging.

  • How long should my video be?

    • We shoot enough content to be able to make different versions of 90s, 30s, 20s and even 6s.

      In the end, it’s the performance of the different versions that will tell you which length your video should be.

      90s versions are great to convince people to buy, whereas, 30s, 20s and 6s are great to get people to know your brand.

  • What should I do to get the best campaign ever?

    • Dare and test: most of our clients come to us because they are searching for somxething “different”, something that will make people talk, something unique in their industry. They want to show that they can go further than anyone else. They want to shake their world. But that means taking risks and that can be a bit scary! But when you actually test different versions online, you can dare and make versions that can be shocking, original, and different. Take advantage of that and don’t be afraid. You’ll always have a more consensual version available as back up.

      Don’t miss out on the distribution part: distributing a video is very specific, you’ll end up saving money working with a company that know how to make the most out of your video.

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